Quick responses, new ideas, innovation – these are the factors needed for a company to face market challenges. This requires employees who are flexible, creative, imaginative, far-sighted and open to domestic and international solutions and trends. As a result of our training, our students form the emerging, successful, educated new generation that acquires its knowledge with a wide vision, a solid technical background and enriched by excellent international examples. Hence, our students confidently stand their ground in any segment of the labour market.

In addition to material and product support, you can also support the work of Mathias Corvinus Collegium with intangible assets.

The Mathias Corvinus Foundation thanks you for all your support! The amount we received from you was used to support talented students, events and camps. We look forward to hearing from you in the future. Our institution can be supported by individuals as well as companies and organizations.

1% of personal income tax
Our tax number: 18157918-2-41
Our bank account number: 11600006-00000000-78221011

A statement of one percent of the tax paid can be downloaded here.
You can read the information of the National Tax and Customs Administration of Hungary on declaring the one percent of the tax HERE.

Cooperation possibilities:

  • Newsletter: Through our newsletter, we provide an opportunity for our students to get to know the career opportunities, competitions and events offered by our partners.
  • Business project: the essence of business projects is that a team of 4-5 graduates of MCC, graduates from the Leadership Academy examine relevant market and strategic issues for a company, according to the given needs. During the project, students will consult with relevant experts appointed by the company and, if necessary, additional external parties. Based on the information explored, students develop suggestions and innovative ideas that aim to increase the efficiency and development of their company.
  • Expert representation: Experts from our partner institutions have the opportunity to be professional participants in our events, to give lectures and hold workshops. On the one hand, they can address the talents who can be potential new colleagues of the institution, and on the other hand, they have the opportunity to present and make the company better known to those interested.
  • Supporting projects: we also provide the opportunity to attend international events organised by our students, such as the Summer Academy, which attracts students from 15 countries to Budapest, or a two-day conference called Neighbourhood Dialogues discussing the common problems of our region. Our supporting partners can present themselves as speakers and sponsors in our printing materials and at the events, among other things, thus strengthening the company's image and awareness.

Why is it worthwhile to support us?

  • We provide appearances on our online and printed platforms, as well as at our events open to the press.
  • The sponsor logos are displayed on the posters of our conferences and events, as well as on our website.
  • We contribute to spreading and increasing the corporate's good reputation.
  • Our partners can get to know the most talented students in Hungary, who can later become their employees.
  • By supporting education, they can participate in embracing the next generation.
  • By supporting our projects, they can strengthen their company's image/employer branding.
  • It is possible to appear as a main sponsor at our main events and camps.
  • Provision of tax relief.*

If you also see an opportunity for cooperation between your company and our institution, contact us!