Budapest Lectures

The event is organised by Mathias Corvinus Collegium (MCC), a pre-eminent extracurricular educational institution in Hungary, with an outstanding reputation for academic excellence. MCC with more than twenty years of experience in talent management aims to raise a critical-thinking, exceptional intelligentsia, willing to address contemporary challenges with a deep sense of responsibility. In light of this, organising a series of unique, future-oriented programmes is a main pillar of our mission.

  • Big Tech’s Morality Police - Censorship or Protection (2020.09.17.)
  • Media in the V4: What has changed since the fall of the Iron Curtain? (2020.01.22.)
  • Globalism: A failed utopia? (2020.01.22.)
  • Christian Democracy: An Emptying Term or the Key to Survival? (2019.12.12.)
  • The Future of Warfare Has Come (2019.11.27.)
  • What is the future of democracy? (2019.10.03.)